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Re: Ratatouille?

Posted by ChairmanOfTheBored on 11/14/07 11:34

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 00:03:26 -0500, "Perry Noid" <> wrote:

>HELP!... I'm trying to make a backup of RATATOUILLE, without success. I was
>finally able to rip the DVD to the hard drive by using the latest version of
>DVDHDDEFABDECRYPTER (4010), but I can't get DVD SHRINK to compress the
>resulting files. SHRINK starts to analyze them, then just drops out and
>leaves me back on the desktop. The files seem to be intact (although I
>haven't had time to actually play the whole movie yet), so I suppose I could
>burn them to a 9-gig DVD blank, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has found a
Backup? Bullshit. Fuck off, pirate boy. Do a little research and find
that there are SEVERAL groups better suited to your retarded dope



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