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Posted by cbx on 11/17/06 13:07

OK RIch, I did an experiment, and the problem appears to be the LNBF
being slightly off frequency. It is a DMS Internationational ASC321-2
that I bought when I got my first setup a few years ago.

Anyway, I have a brand new Pansat 2700 so used that receiver to try to
tune in same transponder on IA-7, White Springs TV. I had it tuned in
on the Satwork receiver, then shut everything off, removed the IF
cable and hooked it to the Pansat, so dish was pointed right at IA-7.

Well, got exactly the same results. If you put in11989 as shown in
Lyngsat, or 11987 as shown on White Springs TV site, you will get
nothing, even if you do a scan on the Pansat (however, if you do a
scan on the Satwork it would find it at the lower frequency). Anyway,
I had to keep lowering frequency of the transponder until it got to
11984 Mhz and BANG, there it was, excellent signal. SO, I drew the
conclusion that it must be the LNBF that is off about 4 or 5 mhz.

FYI; the video is slightly better on the Pansat, but not much, video
is still only what I would call fair, but the video contrast seems to
be better and not so extreme as with the Satwork. However, get this,
Satwork provides EXCELLENT pictures on all the other satellites and
transponders, even after these several years of running 24 hours per
day. I also have a Pansat 2500 and would say the video is just as
good on the Satwork.

I'm thinking of upgrading the LNBF to a lower noise figure and perhaps
one that is more stable, thinking of the Invacom, what do you think?

Anyway, mystery solved I think... he he..


On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 20:50:15 -0600, Rich Piehl
<> wrote:

>cbx wrote:
>> RIch;
>> Do you think that if the LNB drifted off frequency it could
>> cause this low reading? I'm not sure if it has it's own oscillator
>> inside or it is a phase locked loop.
>> What I need to do is a blind scan with say Pansat or other
>> receiver and see what happens.
>> Jim
>If it was your LNB it would be consistently low for DVB, for
>analog...all of it.
>Even non-PLL LNB's can be pretty stable if they were designed to be. If
>it's an older one designed and installed before digital satellite came
>in vogue it may not be that stable.
>Take care,
>God bless the USA

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