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Posted by cbx on 11/18/06 12:01

I tried the Pansat 2700 on White Springs and it's a tad better than
the old Satwork. It may be as you said the quality of the original
material and maybe no processing. If you write to them, Victor is CEO
I think, they may be able to get a better signal. Really neat family
programming. Popeye, Three Stooges, Betty Boop, etc etc etc, and
really neat old time movies. Well worth the effort to get this
channel, and patronize the advertisers if you can. Most of the movies
seem to be stuff you will not see on TCM.

In fact, the CEO gave me the cell number of the head technician who
was on the road to call to get help with the reception. How many TV
networks will go that far for you. I hope they prosper. No
commercials during the main program is another outstanding plus, if
you were taping things (quality not quite there yet).

I'm glad to know it's not all my equipment's fault, as it works very
well on hundreds of other transponders.

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 15:47:18 -0600, cbx <> wrote:

>I have been in touch with Victor at WS, and strange, I get several
>other channels on same receiver, no problems. I think the low symbol
>rate is the problem, that is, a low bandwidth. Some whows are what I
>call fair, but none I have seen yet are of a quality that you can tape
>and enjoy later.
>I have a brand new Pansat 2700 sitting on bench and when I get the
>urge will tune it in with that and see if there is any improvement.
>Have you ever tried to tape or capture something from White Springs,
>then replay it? What results are you getting? Perhaps I'm a little
>too critical, and the programming is right up my alley, but the video
>kinda irks me, but heck, what can you expect for nothing... hehe
>On Wed, 15 Nov 2006 21:24:45 -0500, "VietNam Vet" <>
>>Some of the movies are very old back in the 30s` 40`s.
>>Most of the movies are in good quality.
>>I had a couple of times where the movies were washed out I think it was
>>Tech. problem
>>Most of the time, around 95% it was good quality video
>>If still have a problem contact this page
>>Go to Contact us
>> they will help you out on any problem you have.They will answer you.
>> Good Luck
>>"cbx" <> wrote in message
>>>I finally was able to get locked in to this transponder, but my
>>> experience shows the video as L O U S Y on my equipment. Has anyone
>>> else experienced this, or is it something I am doing wrong? Picture
>>> is DARK and way overcontrasty, colors washed out, horrible. This is
>>> the only channel that has this problem.
>>> I wonder if it's because of the low symbol rate?
>>> The audio channel is quite clear with very good audio.
>>> I'd be interested in hearing of others experiences with White SPrings.
>>> I like the family oriented programming.
>>> On Thu, 2 Nov 2006 00:27:12 -0500, "VietNam Vet" <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>If you like to watch old movies,cartoons,comedy and adds that you have
>>>>seen since you was a kid this is the place to go. The channel is called
>>>>White Springs Television.
>>>>T-7/KU Freq.11988 SR. 2.821 ( H)
>>>>I watch this on my Pansat DVB receiver
>>>>It brought back a lot of good times.
>>>>I think this is the best channel going.
>>>> Viet Nam Vet

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