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Posted by cbx on 11/18/06 12:06


I notice there is a German network, Dolphin TV out of Florida that
says it's on Globecast (in fact I get two or three of them), would
that be what you refer to?

Al Jazeera just started broadcasting there according to their web
site, and I would like to tune them in. To update the transponder,
do you just go to that transponder and do another Transponder Scan, or
do you have to delete everything on that transponder first before
doing another scan? I don't know if Al Jazeera is encrypted or not,
but will give it a try and see what happens.

The old Satwork keep chugging and chugging along.


On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 18:48:38 -0600, Rich Piehl
<> wrote:

>cbx wrote:
>> Is it possible to receive Globecast on a regular FTA receiver
>> or do you need a special receiver?
>Some of the Globecast channels are encrypted; some are in the clear and
>can be received on a standard FTA receiver.
>Take care,
>God bless the USA

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