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Posted by anthonyberet on 10/26/07 23:15

> Questions & Answers from the #OiNK IRC
> smartface: does the paypal account have any funds on it ATM?
> OiNK: it had some, and the account has been permanently limited
> friggy: you just get bailed for free?
> OiNK: yes
> smartface: did they actually question you?
> OiNK: of course, for hours
> sretsof: what was the stupidest wuestion they asked?
> OiNK: the police had very limited technical knowledge, which made the interview quite amusing actually.
> OiNK: i wasn't willing to teach them how to use a computer
> OiNK: they actually wanted me to teach them how to set up a website
> OiNK: i just told them to google it.
> OiNK: my father is fine.
> OiNK: my father was not arrested, though they did take his work laptop
> apelure: what does the carges about fraud mean?
> OiNK: i've not been charged ...
> Xenafor: Are you a vegetarian?
> OiNK: yes.
> knifeboy: Did they do the good cop/bad cop routine?
> OiNK: no
> Stormx2: Everyone is first and foremost concerned for you and everything, but at the back of our minds (I think) we're interested in what you think will happen the the pink palace. Obviously you won't have a starring roll, but will the backups be destroyed?
> OiNK: why would backups be destroyed?
> smartface: have you become a millionarie with our donations?
> OiNK: no
> j2los: do you think at minimum the forums will be restored as a community for discussing music?
> OiNK: i don't know
> guildmast: Are there any plans for an official OiNK donations fund we can feel comfortable donating to?
> OiNK: not yet
> ftdrs: seriously though, what did they accuse you of?
> OiNK: conspiracy to defraud and copyright infringements
> maxdoubt: do you have/need legal representation?
> OiNK: i'm still deciding on legal advice
> Kevix: did you have any warning before hand that the knock opn your door was coming? OiNK: no
> smartface: are you planned for a trial anytime soon?
> OiNK: the earliest date for trial is 26th december - though highly unlikely
> Yawg: did you anticipate a raid in the past? Did you take any precautions regarding site design and logs and whatnot to protect the community?
> OiNK: the logs we store aren't enough to inciminate users
> Gl1mw0rm: are you still the rigtfull owner of the domain?
> OiNK: unclear
> Barth: what about the recent security/privacy changes to the site and the irc? was that a coincidence or did you see something coming?
> OiNK: coincidence
> j2los: do you think it is absurd that only now that the site has been taken down has it been deemed notable enough for a wikipedia article?
> OiNK: i found that amusing, yes
> OiNK: i'm glad the article is staying neutral
> midnightgt: (without incriminating anyone) is there any copy of the source anywhere? Would you be in support of a second coming of the website? How do you think this reflects on the war on file sharing? (Certainly I do not feel like we are losing) OiNK: sorry, no comment :)
> lhnz: Why exactly did the cops want you to make a website for them?:P :D
> OiNK: not sure
> csc: so, do the cops know you're here?
> OiNK: dunno
> ATF: did you get fired from work?
> OiNK: yes
> gleam: do you think you or anyone else will ever hear from tmt again? :)
> OiNK: no
> MooIsTooWrong: do you think most of the people in this
> channel are asking asshat questions?
> OiNK: yes
> uQ1: What grounds did your work fire you?
> OiNK: i'm not going to go into that, sorry.

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