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Posted by Terry McCombs on 11/11/07 18:25

I have bought a lot of DVDs over the years, from big deal "special
collectors" editions to the cheapest you can find and I have to say I
have never had more trouble with them than I have with Disney DVDs, I
don't think I have ever bought one that did not hesitate and freeze up,
or just stop working.

Do they not have quality control?

I just got the DVD of Ratatouille and it's unwatchable, the best it was
able to do was go 39 minutes into the film before it just stopped.

With other companies I would think "ah, bad disk," with Disney however
this is just par (or under par) for the course, as I said I've never
gotten one of their DVDs that did not give trouble, it's just that this
is the worse one yet.


I just know this is the last dime I will wast on one of their inferior

Beware of the crap from the mouse!


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