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Posted by Chet at his house on 12/24/07 22:58

In article <>, says...
> >
> > I recently bought (off eBay) a copy of a quite rare movie. This DVD,
> >when shown, looks like it has been
> >shot through a sheet of Jello. This effect is complete and continuous.
> >I can only speculate that this
> >movie has some serious video jitter introduced in the copy process (the
> >audio side seems fine). It also
> >appears that the movie was transferred from PAL to NTSC.
> >
> >The questions are:
> >
> >1. What happened to produce this problem?
> Crappy conversion of the source video.
> >2. Can the DVD be cleaned up to remove the problem?
> No.

I completely agree. And there might have even been some crappy video
tape involved somewhere.


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