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Posted by Clive. on 01/05/08 12:37

In message <>, Gray One
<> writes
>In article <>,
>> > tiny compared those with a good old 480p CRT. If you really need to
>> > direct your anger anywhere on the matter, point it at Sony & Toshiba and
>> > their HD camps for not agreeing on a standard.
>> Wow. A voice of reason. Too bad the dick-wavers will just write you off
>> as just another kook. But just know you're not alone.
>> from "just another kook"
>It's sometimes hard to believe there are others who can look at these
>things with some perspective but I am sure (hope) we aren't the only
>two. ;)
No you're not, I'm the original Betamax man, indeed I still have the
machine, but this time I'll wait for a winner. (Whichever I back will

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