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Posted by Brian W on 01/27/49 12:01

"POD {Ò¿Ó}" <DONT.EVEN.TRY.IT@DEADSPAM.COM> wrote in message
> "kim" <> once tried to test me. I ate their liver with
> some fava beans and a nice chianti
>> POD {Ò¿Ó} wrote:
>>> "kim" <> once tried to test me. I ate their liver
>>> with some fava beans and a nice chianti
>>>> RCE Defiant wrote:
>>>>> Will you be getting a Blu-Ray player or a PS3?
>>>> Neither.
>>>> I expect the next mid-range DVD player I buy to have BD playback
>>>> built-in at no extra cost in the same way as MP3, DivX, DTS, SACD
>>>> and DVD-A playback are built-in at present. Will probably use it
>>>> more for H264 encodes downloaded from the 'net and DVD upscaling
>>>> than for true BD playback.
>>>> (kim)
>>> It'll also need the blue laser assembly too...that is why it's called
>>> BLU-ray, as rather than a RED laser that you get in your run of the
>>> millmid-range DVD player, a Blu-ray drive had a blue laser and
>>> royaltiues on top of that. So once you pop in the blue laser, low
>>> and behold, you have a blu-ray drive, and Sony has your money.
>> Pioneer is one of the license holders of Blu-Ray technology so they
>> don't have to pay royalties to Sony. Likewise the Philips group which
>> includes Panasonic and JVC.
>> (kim)
> But the point is, you are never going to get a mid-range DVD player that
> will also play blu-ray, you are just going to get a Blu-ray player that
> will also play DVDs. If Pioneer can bring a sub £150 one to market,
> then I'll be first in line to buy it and then tell my son to piss off
> up-stairs with his PS3 while I watch films ;-)
> --
> Thank you kindly

I've always liked Pioneer kit. I've have an 868 DVD/DVD-A/SACD player (nice
machine!), and a CLD-925 laserdisc player, which still works after more than
10 years.

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