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Posted by StickThatInYourPipeAndSmokeIt on 02/02/08 03:28

On Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:59:47 -0800, Tarkus <>

>ZVR wrote:
>>> If I had a hammer...
>> Yeah, you're right: everybody is going to dump HD-DVD now because some
>> shitty niche production house went Beta Ray. Come on, Sony fanbois, we know
>> you can do better than that. Postings like that harm your own credibility...
>> oh sorry, I forgot, Sony and credibility don't belong in the same phrase! If
>> there is one thing your beloved Sony excels at, is the PR/marketing
>> bullshit. So yeah, if hype is all that matters to you, run to the nearest
>> store and buy a shitty, non-upgradeable, Betaray profile 1.1 player at three
>> times the current price of a fully functional HD-DVD unit.
>> I am glad to report that many people are smarter than that, as evidenced by
>> the fact that I had to visit 4 (four) Futureshop/Best Buy stores here in
>> Toronto tonight, to find one that still had HD-A3 in stock!
>How many had prerecorded VHS tapes in stock?

Product display shelf space is at a premium these days.

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