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Re: Repair shop for MPEG/DVB receivers?

Posted by Backfire Bob on 04/06/06 18:09

"irwell" <> wrote in message
> On Wed, 5 Apr 2006 09:12:17 -0400, Web Williams <>
> wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a shop where they repair these
>>things? I have one that will not hold the channel
>>list/transponder list/NTSC-PAL etc. settings. I
>>looked inside and saw NO memory backup battery, so
>>it's got to be something else. Maybe there's a
>>one-farad capacitor somewhere I don't see- it would
>>have to be awfully tiny. It's an Aimsat. It's been
>>a pretty good receiver or I wouldn't consider getting
>>if fixed- but was only $75 new. If someone tells me
>>what to look for, I could probably fix it myself, but
>>I need a point in the right direction. Anyone? Or do
>>you know of a repair shop?
>>-Web in Myrtle Beach, SC
> That info is usually on a EEPROM.
Common problem if the info on the EEPROM is corrupt.
Do a factory reset or reload the bin file. When you start the
RCVR see if it shows "FFFF" on the display (bad news).
Chances are the EEPROM is just fine.



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