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Re: The cinema experience

Posted by DVDfever Dom on 07/11/06 22:16

JGJ wrote:
> "DVDfever Dom" <> wrote in message
> >> This was after the advertised film start time, so there's no way of
> >> knowing that the film wouldn't start for another 5 minutes, or would
> >> start the moment they step outside the screen.
> >
> > Then go a bit earlier inbetween the time the trailers start and the
> > time it's meant to start. Either way it's not something I have to worry
> > about any more
> If a film is advertised as 8pm then the trailers may start a little earlier
> and go on for X minutes - theres no way to know when exactly it wil lstart -
> we normally get about 5 trailers in my local Odeon and the film always
> starts within about 15minutes.
> I remember when I went to see Star Wars 3 there were no trailers at all and
> this caught a few people off guard who came in and missed 15 minutes -
> including the all important starting which sets the stage for the film.

People just shouldn't be let in if the film has already started. Make
'em wait for the next screening. I've seen people come in as late as 30
mins to a flim (The Fifth Element, as it happens)



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