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Re: The cinema experience

Posted by MichaelJP on 07/12/06 10:09

"Ed Chilada" <> wrote in message
> Last weekend I went to watch Pirates of the Carribean. They put an
> anti-piracy trailer on, showing bits of Superman Returns which then
> scaled down, washed out and went muffled as they tried to show what a
> ripped off copy would look like and how much poorer it is. "Come to
> the cinema for the real experience", they said.
> 45 minutes and many adverts and trailers later, the film eventually
> started....
> Given the film is two and a half hours long in the first place, I
> thought that was taking the piss. Countless people (usually women),
> had to leave part way through the film to go for a leak. Sure, they
> get to see the film on a big screen, but they also get to miss five
> potentially crucial minutes of it because they can't pause it and they
> had to wait over 45 minutes for it to start in the first place.
> Maybe next time I'll decide that the home experience is better.

The thing is though, there are many distractions at home. I find I'm much
less likely to give a movie a chance if it's a slow starter and I'm watching
it at home. There's so many other channels I could watch or videogames I
could play. At the cinema I'm very unlikely to walk out.

Also at home, danger of being interrupted by kids, wife etc. !



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