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Help needed to trace a film

Posted by Gordon on 10/24/06 14:13

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate help in giving a name to a film I saw a few years back.
It was the warm up film to the main feature ... Rollerball ... back in about

The film was basically about a bloke who was a hired assassin. In the film
he was chasing his target ... and was observing him from a cafe across the
road from his digs. I cant recall if he actually carried out the
assassination, but there was a remarkable twist to this film.

At the end of the film ... the assassin returned to his digs/lodgings ...
and as he walked up the stairs ... with a high powered rifle in his hands
.... he shot some innocent person coming down. As he reached the next
landing ... the camera turned to the sound engineer ... and he was shot ...
then the cameraman filming the film was then shot also! This was very
strange ... and unexpected end to the film.

Does anyone remember this film? I'm sure I havent dreamt it!

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in anticipation




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