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Free Blockbuster Total Access 4 Week Trial

Posted by ktephraim on 12/31/06 15:26

Starting December 19, 2006, Blockbuster Total Access (online) is giving
customers 1 free video game rental each month plus the first month is

Sign up at
First month free with promo code 1557TA


1. Offer changes to 2-week trial beginning Jan 15 2007. 3 movies out at
a time. So, signup now !

2. Members can exchange online movies for free DVD rentals at their
local Blockbuster (online mailer/movie will work like a coupon). Also,
as soon as the online movies are exchanged at the store, the next
movies in your que will ship as well. You essentially double the # of
DVDs you can watch by returning them to the store (you can't do this
with Netflix).

3. Members will also receive 1 in store coupon every month for a free
movie OR video game (even during free month).

4. Only pay $17.99 per month (3 out) after the 1st month or downgrade
to the $14.99 (2 out) or $9.99 (1 out) plans.



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