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Re: FTA+DirectTV on a single setup

Posted by ws on 02/09/07 12:35

The directTV box will only work on the satellite sending videoguard
"Unregistered" <> wrote in message
> You need something like this:
> (it's hard to see, but the DBS feed is mounted beside the main feed.)
> You can jury-rig something similar yourself, as other people have done.
> But really, it makes more sense usually to give the DTV box its own
> dish. It can pick up multiple sats at once, and you can set up
> recordings on it without having to worry about where the dish is aimed.
> wrote:
>> I'd like to know if any of you have tried (...and succeeded) in setting
>> up a multi-standard configuration... with a single dish (6 feet) and as
>> many LNB's as needed.
>> I already have an FTA receiver (actually I'm using a SkyStar-2 PC
>> Card), and I'm trying to set a DirectTV box on another room... I
>> already have (from a previous DirectTV installation) a 3x4 Switch and
>> several Diplexers.
>> Is this actually possible... and if not, what could be the
>> workaround...
>> Thanks



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