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Re: Friends,Please help me!!!!!!

Posted by Zoyburg on 01/07/06 21:59

CyborgWarrior wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> Actually both the antennas were used for transmitting some free air
> channels that were available six to seven years back.Later our
> appartment went for a seperate cable TV provider & so those dishes were
> abandoned.Actually one dish is around three feet wide and the other one
> is around six feet.I ll get all the other details in a day or
> two....!!! Please bare with me....

The 3-foot dish is likely a Ku FSS dish, and it will receive
linearly-polarized signals in the 11.7 - 12.2 Ghz range.

The 6-foot dish is likely a C-band dish, and it will receive
linearly-polarized signals in the 3.7 - 4.2 Ghz range.

You can go to to get an idea of what channels
are being transmitted.

You'll need to find out if the dishes are fixed in position or
if they have motors that can reposition the dish under receiver



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