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For A Few Dollars More

Posted by Ian Rawlings on 03/03/07 22:51

Hello oh wise ones, I have a question. I'm watching "For a Few
Dollars More" and am at the bit where Indio and pals catch Manco and
Mortimer climbing down from the roof of the hut where the money was
hidden. Indio tells Manco "you shouldn't have shot those apples" and
asks him to put on the leather wrist guard that Manco was wearing when
he shot said apples --- but WTF is the significance of this? What
about the apples, and what is the significance of the wrist guard,
considering that Indio takes it from Manco in the first place?

BTW I first posted this question in 2001, and at least one other
person wants to know what it's all about, so spill the beans ;-)

I'll get the director's cut soon and see if it makes more sense.

Blast off and strike the evil Bydo empire!



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