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Re: Winegard 76cm with H-H motor woes

Posted by k2m4rl on 01/10/06 01:57 wrote:
> Skip wrote:
>> I have a one meter wingard dish and a SG2100 hh motor. Works great!
>> I use it with a Fortec Ultra!
>> S
> I am working on the same problem, can't get to 26.5 degrees.
> I am thinking of replacing the top two bolts that hold the dish to the
> bracket with longer bolts and adding some washers or spacers between the
> bracket and the back of the dish to add 10 degrees to the angle between
> the dish aim and the back bracket. This should add 10 degrees to what
> the scale indicates.
> Does anyone think this won't work?
> Bob W
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I have it working OK now.
What I did was drill another pair of holes in the GS-120 rotating pipe.
There are two pairs of holes, one set near the top and one pair near the
bottom edge of the pipe.
I drilled another pair of holes about 2 inches below the top pair, this
leaves the pipe barely protruding below the bottom of the mouting clamp
on the Winegard dish.
This allows the bottom bolt on the dish mounting bracket to clear the
rotating pipe and still adjust for about 4.5 deg of declination.
I can now see birds from 60 to 135 West degrees, I am at 80 West.
I haven't had a chance to look for more or or make fine adjustments but
I am close now.
This winegard dish uses the through-bolt on the rotating pipe as the
pivot hole, some others I have looked at have the pivot forward of the
mounting clamp and don't have this problem.

Bob W.

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