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Re: symbol rates

Posted by Rich Piehl on 07/08/41 11:37

johnny wrote:
> I need some help determining the sysbol rate for C3-TP17. Is the symbol
> rate 29120 for all of the DVB channels? What is this number 38 for KUTH
> and 40 for KUOK, etc, in the symbol rate column?

Yes, the SR for all the channels listed on that transponder is 29120.
Depending on your receiver you may have to vary the symbol rate by as
much as 25 or 30 either side of the 29120 to tune those channels. On
most DVB receives you should be able to plug in the frequency and symbol
rate and let it scan, and it should find all of those channels.

The 38 and 40 numbers are the video PID or VPID for those channels. In
the next column to the right the 37 and 39 are the audio PIDS or APID
for those channels. In simple terms those numbers identify where in the
data stream to get the digital information that gives you the video and
audio for those channels.

Hope this helps.

Take care,

God bless the USA

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