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Re: Free Look Angle Calculator

Posted by on 01/20/06 23:35

Yes, thank you. I'm looking for better zipcode databases. It's hard to
find a free GPL-usable DB. This one was gotten off some collab work
from USPS and GIS. I'm sorry about the remote-desktop issue. Frankly i
haven't a clue why this would be, but it might be as you say,
resolution issues. I've always had them with remote desktop, it seems
to 'elegantly' degrade certain components (i think that's how Microsoft
euphemizes it)
The option to have the expert mode on all the time will probably be a
configuration thing for the next major release, when i'm able to go to
a more international scope. I agree that it's a necessary, but didn't
want to detract from the overall simplicity of the program. Oddly
enough i know quite a few non-technical technicians. They would try
using the direct-coordinate entry and neglect to use negative values
for western hemi. long., and then mail me with hate-mail; claiming the
calculations are inaccurate.
Yes the angle-view was thrown in at the last moment, for other
technicians who wanted a quick view. Frankly, no real thought was put
behind the implementation, though i believe it is an added
feature/bonus, so i've yet to remove it. I was also thinking of also
doing a 3D (DirectX or OpenGL) view of the satellite direction... kind
of a 3rd person view, the antenna as subject.
Hopefully others might input with requests/agreements/or hate-mail :)

-I might do singular updates of the DB, but i'm still searching for a
better one. I'm keeping a log of all aberrations found thus far
(approx. 8 now) but i have a feeling that would be messy, and frankly a
lot of hardwork. I'm sure quite a few coastal cities might be 'out in
the ocean' according to the DB.

BUT! Direct-coordinate entry will always give correct results.
Thanks for the food-for-thought



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