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Re: Free Look Angle Calculator

Posted by dold on 01/21/06 01:20

In <> wrote:
> Yes, thank you. I'm looking for better zipcode databases. It's hard to

When I was trying to update my customers' addresses from 95461 to
95467 as appropriate, I ran into massive stumbling blocks. If you want to
sign up for expensive online database access, it's available, but no
free, updated, databases seem to exist.

I would say that 95467 is centered on WGS84
38.80955,-122.56829 1111.4 Locale HVLAKE HVLAKE

It's surprising that many major online retailers still won't allow 95467 as
a valid zip code, and the USPS started rejecting the old zip code on Jan 1,
2006. Maybe it will get updated on some sites because of that.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley (Lake County) CA USA 38.8,-122.5



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