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Re: iTunes removes songs

Posted by Broadway Blue on 09/11/07 19:51 wrote:
> I have 97.4 GB in 1,360 folder that contain 20,935 files. Managing
> that may be a bit cumbersome, not to mention more than will fit on my
> iPod... I would have to buy a bigger drive for my iTunes enabled
> machine to even consider that. I suppose maybe loading iTunes at work
> would be an option.
> With iTunes, if you purchase a song. Can you pull it out of iTunes and
> dump it at say a flash drive inorder to bring it in another software
> and back on to the iPod?
> Lets talk about other software solutions... "Sharepod" for instance.
> Can you purchase songs and video like iTunes?
> How about subscribing to Podcasts?
> It would be pretty easy to just forget about iTunes if I find a better
> option.

Yeah, 20,000 songs is a bit much alright! Using iTunes on a PC at work
might make more sense. But try out Sharepod, it will enable you to drag
and drop music files from iPod to PC etc like a USB drive would. But you'd
still need to use iTunes to purchase songs from the iTunes Store. However,
I don't know how Sharepod works with protected AAC files, [m4p] from the
iTunes store, as I only use MP3's myself. - More flexible to move around
and they play on any MP3 player, of course!



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