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Posted by NRen2k5 on 09/12/07 12:01

xee wrote:
> "Joan Williams" <> wrote in message
> news:hsDFi.71$
>> How do you convert MP3 files to wave files(that I know how to do),
>> but then scrunch the wav files down to a smaller wav.... Thanks
>> Joan
> You don't dear. It's either mp3 or wav Most people save their music
> in mp3 format to save the space and only convert back to wav to make
> a CD for a CD player that does not play mp3s. My advice is to put all
> of your music into mp3s and delete all of the wavs. Then only
> convert as needed. -x

Actually, what we commonly call “WAV” is actually PCM (pulse code
modulation) in a WAV container. The WAV container can hold music in
other formats as well – including MP3.

There are programs out there that can take an MP3 file and wrap it in a
WAV container.

I use WaveMP3.



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