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Posted by Arash Partow on 09/18/07 00:49

What is your specific problem? Are there more errors
in the frame than the fec can allow for correcting?
Are you doing the product code decoding properly?
Is the frame an i-frame?

When there are more errors than can be corrected,
meaning a non-trivial syndrome yet no error locations,
then the decoder will bail-out, the block has members
which will tell you the number of errors detected,
corrected and if the codeword was successfully "decoded".
The examples in the library clearly show how this can
be done.

Arash Partow
Be one who knows what they don't know,
Instead of being one who knows not what they don't know,
Thinking they know everything about all things.

On Sep 4, 10:29 pm, frakie <> wrote:
> Hi 'body,
> i'm building a library which receives TS packets of a DVB-H stream and
> decapsulates IP packets.
> While using the Schifra library to correct errors on MPE-FEC frame , i
> found some problems: Schifra library is not able to correct anything
> (i tried other libraries (rscode-1.0, reed-solomon-3.1.1 and
> fec-3.0.1) getting the same result).
> If i try to encode an Application line (received on a MPE-FEC frame)
> with Schifra encoder I find that the resulting codeword is NOT really
> the one I received on the stream.
> Could somebody tell me something about it?



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