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Re: iTunes help - changing drive music stored on...

Posted by John Anthony on 09/19/07 15:59

"Sla#s" <> wrote in message
> John Anthony wrote:
>> I've successfully changed the drive my music files are stored on.
>> But every time I restart my computer, it reverts back to the original
>> drive. The music stays on the new drive, but the new songs downloaded
>> go to the original drive.
>> From the iTunes help area, I've done this to change the default
>> location of imported files...
>> In iTunes, choose Edit > Preferences.
>> Click Advanced and then click General.
>> Click Change and select a new location for your files.
>> And the iTunes instructions say that "from now on, new songs and
>> other items you import will be stored in the new location. Songs
>> you've already imported stay in their current location." That last
>> half is true - the first half isn't.
>> I've also done the "Consolidate Library" function and it did it's
>> job, but didn't solve my current problem.
>> Help...
> Google
> "moving iTunes library"
> Slatts

I've already looked through a lot of those websites - none of them address
my current problem mentioned above.

And before posting to the Apple forums, I thought I'd ask here first.




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