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Re: Classsical music ID3 tagging

Posted by NRen2k5 on 09/19/07 19:33 wrote:
> Just wondered how people have found the best strategy to use MP3 ID3
> tags for classical tracks. "Artist" could be composer or performer?
> "Album artist" ditto? Albums often have perhaps two composer's works,
> but not enough to be "Various Artists". Maybe there is a conductor,
> an orchestra and a soloist? I know there is a "Compser" tag, but not
> all players will recognise or organise by that. I am sure there is a
> recognised best practise, if I could be pointed at it. TIA, Peter

Use whatever works for you. Who cares about anybody else?

If the recordings are copyrighted (which they almost certainly are) then
it's a violation of that copyright to distribute copies of them.



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