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NETAC A-210,

Posted by on 09/20/07 16:34

Dear Friends,
The Netac A210 is no ordinary MP3 player. Whilst it has excellent
sound quality during playback of MP3 or WMA files, along with a full
colour OLED display for video playback - it has a unique feature that
sets it apart from its peers. As well as a high quality FM radio and
recorder, Netac players feature a built-in FM transmitter. The
perfect solution for listening to music in your car or wirelessly at
home via your HiFi. An FM transmitter is a pretty hard to find
function in an MP3 player and many which do have such a function are
barely useable at best. However, Netac players are different. The
power and quality of the FM transmitting ability is superb, with
almost CD quality wireless sound transfer to your car stereo. Even
whilst driving, these players manage to maintain a strong, constant
signal. T he FM transmitter allows you to choose between up to 21
frequencies, so you'll be sure to find a free frequency for your
listening pleasure.

Powering the Netac A210 via your car is easy and efficient - just use
the included in-car charger; the player can also be charged from your
PC via the included USB 2.0 download cable.

Netac players also have very good build quality - they feel strong,
sold and durable in your hands and the silver borders surrounding the
black product body make the player look a good deal more expensive
than it actually is. You've also got all of the standard bells and
whistles such as a JPEG photo viewer, e-book reader, voice recorder
and built-in lithium rechargeable battery.



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