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Effective use of m3u files aka "Playlist"

Posted by dgcathouse on 09/26/07 02:24

If put together 120+/- .mp3 files on a disk and put the disk into my
car mp3 player, the songs are played in the order of the
alphanumerical filename. Since my filenames are of the template :
"{Artist} - {Track/Song Name} - {Album}", the songs get played back
according to the first letter of the bands or artist's name. If I have
multiple tracks from a band, they get played in sequence.

To attempt to acheive my ultimate desire, I use a program called
"Helium" to copy all the files I want to burn to disk to an empty
subdirectory on my computer.Helium's playlist tools allow me to order
the tracks anyway I like. (They also have a randomizer to mix things
up a bit.) When I'm happy with the order, I then edit their tags and
assign track numbers 1 through 125 or however many tracks there are
for that playlist.

I then use a Helium feature to rename the files using a modified
version of my previoud template. "{track#} - {Artist}......". This
helps, however, the playback order is alphbetical, so filenames
starting with "1" , "10" and "100" play before track "2". Honestly, I
could live with this, but I am still taking a lot of extra steps to do
what it seems a playlist should do for me.

I have included .m3u files on my most recent CD burns, but my car
player insists on playing the files back in alphabetical order. Is
there a trick to hiding the mp3 files in folders so only the m3u file
is read? It seems there must be a trick that I am missing.

Any help or insite would be greatly appreciated.




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