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Re: Woman to pay downloading award herself

Posted by Technobarbarian on 10/08/07 18:19

"Ablang" <> wrote in message
> Woman to pay downloading award herself
> By JOSHUA FREED, AP Business Writer Fri Oct 5, 7:40 PM ET
> MINNEAPOLIS - Jammie Thomas makes $36,000 a year but says she's not
> looking for a handout to pay a $222,000 judgment after a jury decided
> she illegally shared music online.
> "I'm not going to ask for financial help," she told The Associated
> Press on Friday. But she added, "If it comes, I'm not going to turn it
> down, either."

Her blog paints a bit different picture. Over the weekend she took in
$957 in donations. As the appeal came as a surprise to her it looks like her
attorney must be working for free. If
she was paying for it herself the legal fees to this point would run
somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. She says she makes $36,000 a
year, but it's not clear whether of not this includes the $8,400 a year she
gets from her tribe's casino. In addition to the $220,000 the RIAA is also
entitled to attorney's fees and court costs, which could push the total
judgement closer to $500,000.




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