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Re: All Music Converter doesn't work

Posted by andrew on 10/11/07 21:26

On 2007-10-11, <> wrote:
> I recently bought All Music Converter to convert the m4p files I but
> from iTunes to mp3 so that I can play them on my iRiver.
> Unfortunately, the conversions have short breaks in them which renders
> them somewhat useless. Emails to
> remain unanswered which makes me wonder about the stability of this
> particular company. Have I wasted my money?

Perhaps, but you have _definitely_ demonstrated the problems of a
single company trying to lock its customers into a proprietary device
and then control their access to music that must be paid for _and_
played on this device. It is a little frightening.

My advice? Forget about iTunes / Apple and set your iRiver up with
mp3s that you create yourself or access legally from a file sharing

I have an iRiver and have gone one step further and packed it with Ogg
Vorbis files which are completely free, unlike the mp3 format.


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