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Re: Connecting a Hard drive to a Pioneer Premier DEH-P690UB

Posted by Don S. on 10/12/07 03:15

"Mister.Lull" <> wrote in message
> On Oct 11, 5:12 am, "Don S." <> wrote:
>> According to the documentation that came with my Pioneer Premier
>> DEH-P690UB,
>> I'm supposed to be able to connect up to a 250 GB sized portable hard
>> drive
>> to the USB. However, when I plug in my USB powered, 160 GB, Western
>> Digital
>> WD Passport (WD1600U017-004) portable drive, the deck won't read it.
>> Does anyone know if this hard drive cannot be recognized by the deck? I
>> loaded my MP3's onto the drive in folder style just like the manual
>> shows,
>> but it is not working. Any suggestions?
>> Don
> Per the manual for the DEH-P690UB, any drive you connect via USB must
> be formatted in FAT12, FAT16, or FAT32. It may be currently be
> formatted in NTFS - which would make it so that your deck can't read
> it.
> The only other guess I have is that the supply current from the deck
> is only 500mA, and perhaps your portable hard drive requires more...
> Hope that helps,
> ~Mister.Lull

Great info. I got this FAT32 format utility off the WD website and formatted the
160MB drive in FAT32, reloaded the music, and it still doesn't work. All I
get is "NO DEVICE" on the deck's display. The documentation with the drive
does not specify how much power it uses so I emailed that question to WD.




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