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Re: Basic question about MP3 encoding

Posted by dadiOH on 10/15/07 15:58

Ty Roberts wrote:
> I'm new to MP3 encoding, so please bear with my basic question.
> I'm bouncing some lossless audio files to MP3 format and my question
> is: how do I get optimal sound quality for a given target file size?

16 bit, VBR, 44.1 KHz.

> The original recordings are 24 bit at 44.1 kHz.

24 bit? From CDs?

> My MP3 encoding software allows me to set a number of parameters,
> like bit rate, variable bit encoding, joint stereo or normal,
> and "quality."
> I don't know anything about the MP3 format, so I'm not sure
> exactly how these different parameters affect quality and file size.

The higher the bit rate the bigger the file and the higher the quality
(within limits).

> Do different MP3 encoders give different results?


> Are some better
> than others at compressing files, or are they all producing the
> same result?

Similar, not identical.

> Any advise appreciated.

The encoding parameters you uses depend on how good your ears are and
on the playback equipment. Best thing you could do is take one song,
encode it at various bitrates from 160 on up and listen. Then -
assuming file size is important to you - use the lowest bitrate that
sounds good to you.

For me, I like 160 kbps, constant bit rate, joint stereo.



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