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Re: iTunes

Posted by BIC on 10/16/07 05:11

"Broadway Blue" <> wrote in message
> BIC wrote:
>> a few weeks ago we were discussing iTunes and how some said it
>> downloads as/in MP3 format.
>> can those person(s) tell me where to change my settings because
>> having just downloaded an album I find it's in m4p format. As are the
>> others I downloaded and stated in my answer back then.
> You can't download tracks from the iTunes Store in MP3 format, only AAC
> (.m4a & .m4p). But you can download MP3's from other online music sites
> that will play on an iPod and through iTunes on your computer. You can
> also can rip a CD via iTunes to MP3, instead of the default AAC file
> format. So if you want your downloaded .m4p files as MP3's, burn them to
> a CD and then rip them back in to iTunes as MP3, by changing the import
> settings via the iTunes preferences section.

OK thanks.



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