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Re: MP3 catalog software??

Posted by dadiOH on 10/20/07 20:09

Rob wrote:
> Hello all, first post here so be gentle..
> :)
> I am looking for some software that can catalog my mp3s. I have
> tried allot of products but cannot find one that does what i want
> it to do, if anyone can offer suggestions please let me know.... my
> mp3 collection has just passed 7000 songs and its getting hard to
> know what i have and what genre they are..
> What i would like the software to do is..
> * Scan my whatever dir i want for files
> * Create a catalog of these scanned files
> * From there i want to be able to create categories of types of
> music, IE; 80 Dance, techno, dinner music, 50's rock & Roll, Club
> dance, ect...
> * I then want to be able from the catalog view to se if a song is
> assigned to a category and if so which one, this is so i will know
> if a song is has been categorized or not and if not i will add it to
> one....
> * Also it would be nice to be able to drag and drop the file between
> lists and to other dirs or folder anywhere in my hard disc.
> * Be able to export these lists and or categories, to a text file
> or .m3u file or whatever
> Anyone know of something like this? free or not , at this point i am
> willing to pay for software like this....
> Thanks to all in advance..



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