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GOOD NEWS ! DVDS FACTORY SALE! good quality and cheap price! AND FREE SHIPPING!

Posted by ededrtrt on 10/31/07 18:48

Please visit:JiangSu YanYi video supermarket (

We can supply large range of popular DVD,movie,and television show
which are good quality and cheap price. All of our DVD are region
and support both NTSC&PAL format which compatible with any DVD player
in the world. If you are a beginner, We would like to share experience
with you and good suggestions. If you are reseller, dropship service
and good customer service will make your business expand
quicker.Please contact us:

Our company are one of the biggest wholesalers of Asia released DVD
and have more than 10 years experience on dropship service especially
for DVD business and win good reputation from our clients. We are a
well known company on this line.

Our productions covers full range of titles. You can find almost all
of DVD you want here with the cheapest price and superb quality. We
have countless retailers join our company and enjoy our service.
>From their feedback, we continually improve our service and quality,
also in the mean time enhance our experience to serve our customers

Our website Services Available
Our services are guaranteed satisfactory. We are targeting to be your
only and longterm partner to source your DVD business. Our DVD
products are manufactured in China. You may already have a partner in
Asia, but are you communicating well with your Asian supplier due to
many of them do not speak English well? And more important, are you
getting many complaints about the products from your customers? Do you
always have to negotiate with your Asian supplier for the cost of
replacement and shipping etc.? If you are not so satisfied with your
supplier due to above reasons, it might be good for you to try us out.
You may find out that we are able to provide better price and service
to meet your business needs no matter you are a DVD wholesaler or you
just do retail selling at ebay or Amazon. We have a group of people
working together and are already supplying 100+ wholesalers. Once the
business relationship is eastablished, we will assign a dedicated
sales manager to you. He or she will be fully responsible for all the
orders from you. In one word, We are experienced and professional
enough to be your longterm, stable and reliable partner. Prices
There are two kinds of prices, one is the retailing price and the
other is the bulk order price for large quantity buyers with the
minimum order quantity of 10. The more you order, the lower price you
will get. Please contact us for the price if you order 100 sets or
more in one time. Payment Methods
We accept the following payment methods:

VISA card payment on line


Western Union
Bank Wire Transfer
Others: please contact us first. Shipping
We ship by global EMS to anywhere in the world. It normally takes 3-7
days on the way. You will get an online tracking number as soon as
your payment is confirmed. The shipping cost is listed together with
the price of the item. Due to the serious copyright checkup in the
Customs in many countries right now, we do not combine shipping since
we do not ship your order in one big box. Instead, we ship them
seperately to make sure the packages will pass the checkup. As we
know, there is less chance for Customs to check smaller packages. If
the package does not get through the Customs, we will resend it. Dropshipping
Yes, we do dropshippings and we are experienced. Exchanges
Although we are trying our best to guarantee the quality of our dvds.
It is still possible for customers to requst exchanges in some
occasions. In order to have the exchanges, please mail the bad disks
back to us, which is a rule enforced by our manufactures. You are
strongly suggested to have stocks for the titles you are selling, so
that you can provide exchanges to your customers as soon as possible.
Just mail us bad disks in bulk without boxes to save shipping cost, we
will replace them after the bad disks are received. You pay the
shipping to send the bad disks to us, we will pay the shipping to send
the replacement back to you. Contact
Tel: +86-25-51581115
JiangSu YanYi video supermarket
zhongshannanlu Street, baixia District,
nanjing 210015, China

The DVD we provide Including following:


Star Trek Voyager Season 1-7 Individual Boxset
Baby Einstein Complete 23 DVD Boxset
O.C. - Orange County Complete Season 3 Boxset\
Super Collection Stargate Complete Season 1-8
\The West Wing Complete Season 1-7
106 DVDS Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Boxset
Will And Grace Complete Seasons 1-8
O.C. - Orange County Complete Season 1-2 Boxset
Sopranos Season 6 Boxset
New Product
Star Trek Original Series Complete Season 1-3 Boxset
O.C. - Orange County Complete Season 3
Prison Break The Complete Season 1-2
Baby Einstein Complete 19 DVD+1CD(Music) Boxset
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
Star Trek Voyager Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
Star Trek Enterprise Complete Season 1-4 Boxset
The Golden Girls Season 1-5
Deadwood Complete Season 1-3
Dead Zone Complete Season 1-4
Nip Tuck Complete Season 1-3
Roswell The Complete Season 1-3
Baby Einstein Complete 21 DVD Boxset
Doctor Who Complete Season 1-2 Boxset
Entourage Complete Season 1-3 Boxset
Criminal Minds Complete Season 1 Boxset
Dragonball Z Complete 40 DVD Collection
My Name Is Earl the complete first season
Monty Python's Flying Circus
The Freshprince of Bel-Air Season 1-3
Hill Street Blues Season 1-3
Shameless Season 1-2
Projest Runway Season 1-2
Over There
Veronica Mars Season 1-2
House M.D. Season 1-2
Bones Season 1
Between The Line Season 1-2
Commander In Chief The First Season
Everybody Hates Chris The First Season
Tilt The First Season
Police Woman Season 1
Garfield and Friends
ReGenesis Season 1
the Pink Panther classic cartoon collection
Surface Season 1
Dragonball Z Complete 54 DVD Collection
Band Of Brother Complest Boxset
Babylon 5 Complete Season 1-5 Boxset
English Version MacGyver complete season 1-6 Boxset
Baby Einstein Complete 20 DVD Boxset
Bad Girls Complete Season 1 Boxset
La Femme Nikita Complete Season 1-4 Boxset
Navy NCIS Season 1-3 Complete Boxset
Dead Zone Complete Season 1-4 Individual Boxset
Everybody Loves Raymond Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
O.C. - Orange County Complete Season 1-3 Boxset
Buffy Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
ER Season 1-8 Boxset
CSI Miami Complete Boxset Season 1-3
The Shield Complete Season 1-5 Boxset
OZ The Complete Season 1-5 Boxset
Seinfeld Complete Season 1-7 Boxset
Monk Complete Season 1-4 Boxset 16DVD+1CD
Angel Complete Season 1-5 Boxset
Family Guy Complete Season 1-4 Boxset
Gilmore Girls Complete Season 1-6 Individual Boxset
Gilmore Girls Complete Season 6
Monk The somplete Season 1-4 Individual Boxset
Navy NCIS Season 1-3 Individual Boxset
CSI Complete Season 1-6 Boxset
Gilmore Grils Complete Season 1-6
Sopranos Complete Season 1-6
Sex And The City Complete Season 1-6
Six Feet Under Complete Season 1-5
O.C. - Orange County Complete 1-3 Season
Nip Tuck Complete Season 1-3 Individual Boxset
OZ Complete Individual Boxset Seasons 1-6
Pretenders complete Season 1-2
Supernatural Season 1 Complete Boxset
Scrubs Complete Season 5 Boxset
Scrubs Season 1-5 Individual Boxset
Six Feet Under Complete Season 1-5 Individual Boxset
Smallville Complete Seasons 5 Boxset
South Park Complete Season 1-10 Individual Boxset
Sopranos Season 6 Boxset
Star Wars Trilogy +3 NEW Movies 10DVD9 set
Star Wars Trilogy +3 NEW Movies 7DVD9 set
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection
The Godfather
The Golden Girls Season 1-5 Individual Boxset
The Lord of the Rings 1 ,2,3 Individual Boxset
The L-word complete Season 1-3
The L-word Complete Season 3
The Profiler Complete Season 1-4
The Sentinel
The Simpsons Complete Season (1-17) Individual Boxset
Super Collection X-Files Complest Season 1-9 DVD Boxset
Will And Grace Season 1-7 Individual Boxset
West Wing Complete Season 7
Single Boxset
24 Hours Complete Season 1-5
Legend Of The Galactic Hero TV + OVA
24 Hours Complete Season 1-4+1DVD
24 Hours Complete Season 4
24 Hours Complete Season 5
7th Heaven complete Season 1
Absolutely Fabulous Complete Season 1-2
Alias Complete Season1-5
Ally Mcbeal Complete Seasons 1-5
American Dreams Boxset
Angel Season/Series 1-5 DVD New
Astro Boy new series 3-disc Korean DVD
Baby Einstein Complete 19 DVD Boxset
Baby Einstein Complete 20 DVD Boxset
Babylon 5 Complete Season 1-5 NEW!!
Queer As Folk Complete Season 1-5
Battlestar.Galactica Season 1-3
Blind Justice Season 1
Boomtown complete Season 1
Boy Meets World Boxset
Carnivale Complete Season 1-2 (temporary out of stock)
Charlie's Angels Boxset
Charmed Complete Season 1-8
City Hunter ( 1-136 Eps)+Movie
CSI Complete Season 1-6 Boxset
CSI Complete Season 6 Boxset
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1-4
Dead like Me Complete Season 1-2
Dead Zone Complete Season 1-4
Deadwood complete Season 1-3
Desperate Housewives complete Second Season
Disney Cartoon-Century Collection-24 DVD
Doraemon Complete Collection 20 DVD Special DVD Boxset
Dragonball Complete 24 DVD Collection
Ally Mcbeal Complete Seasons 1-5
Alias Complete Season1-4
Baby Einstein Complete 23 DVD Boxset
Ellen complete Season 1-2
ER Season 1-9 Boxset
Everwood Season 1
Everybody Loves Raymond-Complete Season 1-7
Fat Friends Series1-3
Fist of The North Star ( 1-152 Eps. ) TV + Movie+3 DVD specials
Footballers Wives Complete Season 1-2
Frasier Complete Season 1-8 Individual Boxset



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