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Re: Are all Disney DVDs of poor quality?

Posted by Chet Bosco on 11/11/07 23:40

In article <>, says...
> I have bought a lot of DVDs over the years, from big deal "special
> collectors" editions to the cheapest you can find and I have to say I
> have never had more trouble with them than I have with Disney DVDs, I
> don't think I have ever bought one that did not hesitate and freeze up,
> or just stop working.
> Do they not have quality control?
> I just got the DVD of Ratatouille and it's unwatchable, the best it was
> able to do was go 39 minutes into the film before it just stopped.
> With other companies I would think "ah, bad disk," with Disney however
> this is just par (or under par) for the course, as I said I've never
> gotten one of their DVDs that did not give trouble, it's just that this
> is the worse one yet.
> Sad
> I just know this is the last dime I will wast on one of their inferior
> products.
> Beware of the crap from the mouse!
> Terry

Your findings are not the same as mine. Disney quality seems as
consistent as anyone elses. This isn't the case with rental discs
because parents hand the discs over to their two year olds and let them
do whatever they want.

If all you're using are new discs that you purchase then I think a new
player is the best idea. Spend a few bucks and get a good one, not one
of the $29.95 units at WalMart.




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