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MI5 Persecution: Barbican Library 6/2/2003 (29193)

Posted by MI5Victim on 11/18/07 04:59

Barbican Library - 6/Feb/2003

Certainty level: 100%

Here's an item from early February 2003, at which time Security Service were re-igniting hostilities against me, a direct result of my appeal
for a legal hearing against their organisation. On Thursday 6/Feb/2003 I went to the Barbican in central London with my mother to visit the library
and have a meal. Security Service naturally knew about it because it had been mentioned the previous day in our house which is under constant
surveillance on grounds of "National Security", so they may have been able to inform staff there to say something to me, as has been done elsewhere.
Two of the people at the Enquiries desk in the library obviously knew of my circumstances, I spoke to one of them who was very polite, and while
I was waiting I heard the other speaking with a little less politeness, as recorded on this audio file. He said, "I spy", to start a game of
guess what "I spy"; unsubtle, MI5 Spy. Then, at the 34 second mark on this clip he said;

"So obvious you couldn't even get that. I shall have to kill you. ha, ha, ha"

The words "I shall have to kill you" are interesting because such overt expression is rarely heard. Security Service wish me extinct.
Some years ago they were openly shouting "suicide" at me, so that is established. But there is an element of doublethink in their attitude;
they use people's natural prejudice against mentally ill, who are popularly painted by media as being aggressive, to try to tinge the group's
view of me and MI5's actions against me. The Security Service religion is that the country's enemies are deadly, and must therefore be
extinguished. Hence, we must seize eagerly upon the disabled schizophrenic from Clapham, and throttle him, because who knows what'll happen if we don't.

There may be a subtle agenda of population control in what the Security Service have been doing in this country since 1990. In the current issue
of 2600 Magazine (the Hacker quarterly, which I read from time to time) there is a quote from Hermann Goering on page 2; "the people can always
be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked. It works the same in any country".
2600 printed the quote as a comment on the projected war against Iraq, which does not appear to pose any threat to the territory of
those countries which wish to invade it. However the quote is somewhat relevant to my case, which is widely known about within Britain;
the security service instructs all right thinking citizens to do MI5's bidding and band together against a common enemy, while at the same time
there is a suggestion of "look what'll happen to you if you don't obey us".


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