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MI5 Persecution: Victor Lewis-Smith (35718)

Posted by MI5Victim on 11/18/07 10:47

Victor Lewis-Smith

Certainty level: 10%

Victor Lewis-Smith has issued a denial through his webmaster
John Hayward-Warburton regarding this article; he says quite categorically
it's not written about me. I kind-of sort-of believe him, but I think
the conspiracy is so wide that the phrase "Eventually, I had to leave
because they were all trying to kill me" could have been intended to be
as if from any paranoid person, but could have been influenced by my
case in the particular. So the influence could have been sort-of

This article is from the Evening Standard of Thursday May 8, 1997.
It is titled "Goon, and best forgotten" and may be found on page 31.

I think VLS has written/produced stuff specifically about me in the past,
both in his Evening Standard column, one of which is reproduced below
(in another case, he was talking about computer hacking, and I think that
was directed at me), and a television programme in around late 1993
when he has a taxi driver who says "they're all trying to kill me guv"
and VLS responds "you're supposed to be quite intelligent aren't you".

However, his webmaster has issued a formal denial on his behalf, so it
is not for me to oppose what he has stated categorically.


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