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DVD Player - volume control of outgoing signal to amp/ spkr

Posted by chai&cigs on 11/20/07 16:35

Hello - i have a query regarding what brand of DVD player i should
purchase, with a particular requirement.

I recently purchased a pair of hi end floorstanding stereo speakers, i
got myself a 90 watt technics amplifier as well, i used to have a
cyberhome DVD player hooked up to it. For the basic reason, that it
had volume control on the remote, so i could keep the volume control
on the amplifier constant and vary from the remote. (the amplifier
does not have a remote, its an old model).

My main question, what kind of DVD player in the current market would

1. a good display so that DVD mp3's in sub-folders can be navigated
( within reason.) with relative ease.
2. Will have a volume control on the remote so that the outgoing audio
input from the player can be varied

The dvd player application will be strictly for audio purpose only.

Appreciate your inputs and your experiences on this.

Best regards,




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