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Re: New to MP3

Posted by Dave Cohen on 11/22/07 17:30

CQ wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 11:50:50 GMT, dadiOH in
> <u2e1j.9434$Xg.37@trnddc06> enlightened us like so:
>> Because 95% of all computer owners can barely even turn them on.
> I worked with a guy who ran the parts department at a marine dealership
> I was involved with. He was computer illiterate but generally a pretty
> smart guy. When the new owner introduced computers to the business, he
> was all ready to learn, quite willing and picked it up quite quickly the
> first day. At the end of the day he was shown how to turn off the
> computer, which was no problem.
> The next day he came in first and opened as usual and then proceeded to
> try to figure out how the hell to turn the damn newfangled computer
> thingy on...reasoning that since he had used the mouse to turn it OFF
> then he should obviously use the mouse to turn it back ON.
> He was more than a bit perplexed and flustered by the time help arrived
> an hour later.
> Happy Thanksgiving, dads...and everyone else too.
Don't laugh, such things happen. Security is normally a compromise
between cost, effort and effectiveness. Discouraging the normal user is
probably adequate for music, although the way the music people behave
you would think they were dealing with the Crown Jewels.
Dave Cohen



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