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Re: Sony DVP-N600: service menu available?

Posted by Andrew Rossmann on 11/24/07 16:34

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In article <ed837428-df0f-4752-bd99-d2cef453cfc7>, says...
> My DVP-N600 DVD player (the 5-disc changer) started having
> intermittent problems recognizing DVDs. It gradually got worse and one
> day stopped working altogether. I tried using one of those lens-
> cleaning CDs but it didn't seem to help. I heard from friends that DVD
> players sometimes let users align their lasers using an obscure menu
> that only service technicians can access. Does anyone know how I can
> get to that menu on my player, or where I can find that information?
> It's a few years out of warranty so I'm more than willing to poke
> around if it means possibly fixing it.

With the player off, hit TITLE, then CLEAR, then POWER ON. This will
enter diagnostics mode. There is an entry to auto calibrate. You then
follow the onscreen prompts. You will need to find CLEAN single-layer
and dual-layer disks. You can sometimes tell as single-layer disks are
usually silver, but dual-layer are brownish. You can also look near the
hub and see if overlapping text is visible, which would mean dual-layer.

Some older Sony's had a display option that showed which layer was in
use, and can tell you if a disk is single or dual (an arrow points at
the layer for a dual-layer, and no arrow at all for a single layer.)

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