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Dear Great People of Earth

Posted by the dave on 12/23/07 15:22

Dear Great People of Earth - wherever you may be..

This is short note of desperation to ask for your help.

I'm becoming homeless unless I can raise about $900 in the next few days -
capitalism barely slows down for Christmas.

Believing that there are many people out there who when given the chance to
help someone in a small way, would do so - I'm putting this out there...

If .. anyone out there could see it in there heart to pay $1 into my pay pal
account, I know I will get more than enough from the everyone's generosity.

I only ask for $1, and additionally, I will mail $2 cash back to anyone that
donates and leaves their mail address, sometime in the next 6 mos.

If you were planning to donate to any charity absolutely do not let me stop
you. If you are sending money anywhere these days to try help reduce hunger
or violence or diseases don't stop - someone else will send me $1. In other
words, I'm not a starving child, a battered woman or an abused victim of any
kind and I wouldn't want anyone to send me anything INSTEAD of sending it to
any other organization.

But Please know This is a real request - not any kind of scam or any kind of
anything other than a last resort to try and tap some of the goodness which
I've added to the world, but now find myself in need of.

Anyone so inclined could post their $1 to PayPal to the order of

And happy holidays to all....

dave b



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