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Re: Help with AVI to DVD

Posted by Netmask on 12/29/07 11:22

"hamsatuk" <> wrote in message
> Hi a friend of mine sends me video clips of family and friends in the
> USA in avi format. I am having great difficulty in converting the AVI
> files to the correct format ie Pal for the UK to be able to play on my
> home dvd player and TV.
> I have tried a lot of software programs but they all seem to produce
> very similar problems for example missing sound, jerky video or as the
> film progresses the sound going out of sync.
> Would appreciate suggestions as to how I can overcome these problem by
> recommending a suitable software programmer and what settings to use
> and type of dvd to use .
> Tony

Have you tried VSO ConvertXtoDVD - I use it for avi's from USA to make DVD's
for a friend who's DVD player doesn't play DivX files.
It would probably be better if you bought yourself a modern DVD player that
handles avi files as data on a DVD-r etc.. they are dirt cheap these days.



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