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Re: Best HDV Tape?

Posted by David Ruether on 12/31/07 15:25

"Spex" <> wrote in message
> David Ruether wrote:

>> What HDV tape do you use, and what problems (if any)
>> have you had (I tried Sony Mini-DV EX, but the drop-out
>> rate was too high - two in 24 minutes of recorded time).
>> I lean toward Sony or Fuji HDV tape, but I'm open for
>> other suggestions.
>> Thanks.
>> --DR

> David
> I have shot many many hours of HDV on my XH-A1 and have yet to have a
> single drop out. I always use new tapes but from Panasonic, JVC and Sony
> depending what is in stock or on offer at the time of purchase.
> I try to get Sony Excellence but that was out of habit from my pd150 days.
> The tape mixing problems of old no longer apply to modern tape stocks.
> I am super careful of where I change tapes to prevent particulate and
> moisture ingress. I'm not saying this will prevent all drop outs but it
> certainly reduces them to a minimum.

The Sony EX tape was used which I preferred in my Mini-DV days,
but I had 2 dropouts in 24 minutes on it, with permanent locations
on the tape - though the first in location appeared after a couple of
viewings, the second immediately with the first viewing. The tape was
from a freshly opened package - and I'm always super-careful when
inserting/removing tape, using a clean location and air-blasting first
the camcorder exterior, then the cassette, and then the camcorder
interior. Maybe that is my problem - in Hi-8 days, I figured it was
better to let "sleeping dust lie" and didn't blow off the cassette and
camera. Anyway, unless I hear strong indications otherwise, I will
get Sony HDV tape (I read nasty things about aged Panasonic
tape), and in the old days Pan. made a (high) grade that was definitely
not compatible with other tapes - and I think Pan. used to make
tape for other manufacturers, as did Sony, so best (for me) is to
stick with one known, I think, maybe, though it costs more..........;-)



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