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Re: Best HDV Tape?

Posted by Martin Heffels on 12/31/07 15:43

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 10:25:19 -0500, "David Ruether"
<> wrote:

>The Sony EX tape was used which I preferred in my Mini-DV days,
>but I had 2 dropouts in 24 minutes on it, with permanent locations
>on the tape - though the first in location appeared after a couple of
>viewings, the second immediately with the first viewing. The tape was
>from a freshly opened package

Well, at a former employer of mine, we once received a bad batch of
Sony DVCAM-tapes. You wouldn't expect that from an brand-new unopened
box, but it did happen.
Best I would say, is to contact your supplier, and see if you can find
a tape-batch number, and see if there are more problems with that
particular batch. In our case they were very kind to replace the tapes
for free.





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