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Video and photo gig on cruise ship

Posted by yarock on 01/01/08 08:40

I know this is more of a photo question, but I thought I'd try here
anyways. If anyone knows of a better place to post these questions,
please tell me.(Already posted on Nikonians).

I shoot video and photography, and have a job on a seven day Carribean
cruise. An assistant and I will be shooting video and photo highlights
of this charter, and I have a question about a portrait session. We
have to deliver an edited video/ photo highlight dvd on the last night
of the trip.
We have to shoot portraits of 150 couples, seperately, each couple
with the captain. I have no idea how much time or preparation we'll
have,or how rushed we'll be, and am nervous about this part of the
I'm bringing my D200, D80, 17-55 f2,8, 50mm 1.8,Tokina 12-24, nikon
18-200 vr, and possibly a loaner 85mm f1.4.I'll also bring two stands,
two SB 800's,a Gary Fong lightsphere and an umbrella.
We also have to print theses out and put them in 8 x 10 frames. I
bought two HP photo printers and enough paper and cartridges.and we'll
ahve a pc and a laptop just for the photos. The pics have to be
resized to 6" x 8" because there will be a mat/border inside the
frame. We did some tests doing everything from shooting to resizing
and printing, and evrything works ok.
I'm concerned (among other things) about how to position the couples
in order to get similar shots for everyone. If anyone else has similar
or related experience, i"d really appreciate hearing from you.
Bruce Yarock



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