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HD Test card

Posted by BGN on 01/01/08 12:30

Hello all. (Sorry for the repost if this is one, but the first message
doesn't appear to have, err, appeared)

You (may) be pleased to find below a 1080 version of the SkyHD test
card which I've fettled, recoloured and redrawn over the last couple
of days to remove MPEG and JPEG compression jubblies.

The 'fixed' finished article is available to download here:


After 'remastering' it I had a search on Google Images and Flickr
which suggests that this is currently the highest quality and sharpest
(no anti-aliasing in my corrections) 1080 line test card freely
available to the public.

Those of you with large screen HDTV's might wish to throw the image at
your xbox 360 if you want to see how well you telly stands up to

If you have any suggestions or queries please drop me an email. If
you find a better quality HD test card then good for you, if you want
to modify this card then feel free - all I've done is given it a good
tidy it up so it's of a decent quality :)

Please try not to distribute the test card with 'lossy' compression,
but I understand that some of you will have to convert it to a JPEG or
similar to get it near you telly - if that's all you can do then
compress it at the highest quality you can (largest file size) and
don't squint too hard.
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