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Re: Newbie question : Taking tracks off CD

Posted by Johnny on 01/02/08 18:42

"Oldphart" <> wrote in message
> Johnny wrote:
>> <>> wrote in message
>>> On Tue, 01 Jan 2008 14:06:30 GMT, dadiOH in
>>> <GNrej.58553$NL5.12687@trnddc05> flogged and flogged like so:
>>>> There is link to the download site in dadiOH's dandies (the help file
>>>> downloadable at my site). There is also an index in that very same
>>>> help file.
>>> Dandies schmandies. Sheesh. Give the guy a fish sammich, willya, and
>>> stop trying to teach him how to fish. He might actually LEARN something
>>> if he's not careful.
>>> To the OP:
>>> Don't download any dandies. They are tantamount to stealing tools. In
>>> order to make any use of them you will have to do some actual work.
>>> Screw that.
>>> You shouldn't be ripping those CDs anyway, particularly to burn them to
>>> another actual CD. That's illegal, or at least it is naughty. Go to
>>> iTunes, crank up the old credit card and a couple tree hunnert bucks
>>> down the line you'll have enough mp3s to last you at least a day.
>>> As for DVD should be ashamed of yourself. There is no
>>> possible justification for such behavior. Go to the blackboard and
>>> write "I will not steal this movie" five thousand times.
>> Have had problems in the past with CDs and DVDs getting damaged. I like
>> to have a backup. Surely that's OK....
>> Cheers.
>>> --
>>> CQuooge
> The laws are being changed as we speak. I just got done reading a bit:
> details a new govt agency
> that will have the rights similar to the IRS for search and seizure....and
> this article in the post highlights the recent changes in tactics the RIAA
> is employing to change what it wants considered theft
> copying your cd you bought to put on an mp3 player is still fair use,
> but in the RIAA vs Howell case, they are trying to redefine that as
> illegal now.

Rather lucky I ain't in the US....



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