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Re: Video and photo gig on cruise ship

Posted by Angus Manwaring on 01/02/08 19:17

On 01-Jan-08 08:40:27, yarock said
>I know this is more of a photo question, but I thought I'd try here
>anyways. If anyone knows of a better place to post these questions,
>please tell me.(Already posted on Nikonians).

>I shoot video and photography, and have a job on a seven day Carribean
>cruise. An assistant and I will be shooting video and photo highlights
>of this charter, and I have a question about a portrait session. We
>have to deliver an edited video/ photo highlight dvd on the last night
>of the trip.
> We have to shoot portraits of 150 couples, seperately, each couple
>with the captain. I have no idea how much time or preparation we'll
>have,or how rushed we'll be, and am nervous about this part of the

Bruce, you need to have some quality communication with the Captain, and
get him on side. He will probably want to get it over with as quickly and
painlessly as possible, which is good, because if there's much messing
about you'll be there ages. :)

I would go as far as to put a bit of tape on the ground for the Captain
to stand on and possibly work from a tripod. You could then frame each
shot, lock off the tripod, look over the camera for some eye to eye
contact and take the shot. A ball and socket tripod is good for this as
they are very quick to work with. You don't want people blinking so, you
might give them a 3, 2, 1 countdown but obviously keep it chirpy and

I don't think you said exactly how you are lighting it, but as far as the
SB80's go, you might consider using them on manual, and cutting the output
down to an 1/8 or something. Otherwise its likely that differing jacket
colours, shiny handbags etc will effect your exposure and cause your
results to be up and down all over the place. If you can keep them
consistent, it will speed up your post production a huge amount, and if
you're using something like Photoshop, its worth sussing out the Action
function, so you can manually crop and adjust levels, then do colour,
sharpness, saving etc as an automated Action.

Just my take, hope it is some help.

All the best,
Angus Manwaring. (for e-mail remove ANTISPEM)

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